Electric Skateboard/RC Car/Boat Android Bluetooth Receiver (w/ Battery Gauge + PPM)


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Product Description

Are you tired of carrying around a bulky remote every time you want to ride your electric skateboard? Then this Android Bluetooth Controller is for you! Specifically designed as a direct replacement for the HobbyKing GT2B, this RC receiver requires very little setup, and can even tell you your remaining battery life via the built-in voltmeter! No more guessing how much juice you have! Here are the specs:

– Android compatible app
– Powerful and jam-resistant Bluetooth 2.1 (not Low Energy variant)
– Has all of the functionality of the HobbyKing GT2B
– Modes: Car/Boat and Electric Skateboard
– Signal Type: PPM (Majority of Servos and ESCs)
– Sensitivity: 1000 degrees
– Input Voltage: 4.5~6.5 VDC
– Voltmeter Accuracy: 1%
– Max Voltage Measurement: 55 volts (12S LiPo)
– Failsafe: Slowly turns off the motor (coasting)
– Range: 30 feet
– Dimensions: 46 x 40 x 11mm

Android Application

The Android application is constantly being updated and worked upon, and new features are constantly being added. It is compatible with Android 4.0 and up, and the latest version will be available for for download after your purchase. All subsequent updates will be emailed to you as well.

The slider for the electric skateboard interface controls can control the throttle of your electric skateboard, and provide a voltage and % readout of your batteries.
The settings you can change in the Android app include the maximum throttle, braking strength, trim adjustments, the control layout, and voltage range (up to 55v).
The Android application shows all of your previously paired Bluetooth Controllers. Simply click on the E-Board (or RC car/boat) you want to control.
The Android application also features a car/boat controller menu. You can enable this controller via the advanced settings, and it features two sliders for throttle and steering, and a button for the auxiliary channel.

Installation and Setup

The installation and setup of this controller has been made as intuitive as possible, and is identical to the setup process of a standard RC controller, like the HobbyKing GT2B. Simply plug the three-color wire of the ESC into the ESC port of the controller. The label next to the ports has a symbol like this one: “~ + -“, which indicates the order of the signal, positive, and negative wires. Repeat the process for any servos and accessories you may want to control.

This controller is compatible with almost all ESCs out of the box! No programming required! In case your ESC does not recognize the signal, you will need to consult your ESC’s manual in order to set throttle range, and/or reset to factory conditions.

Once you have the controller connected to your ESC, you will need to solder/connect the included male JST connector to your battery pack, then plug the JST connector to the receiver. Here is a fairly standard connection diagram for an electric skateboard/RC car.

In order to pair your smartphone with the controller, first apply power to the ESC, and consequently the receiver. You will then need to open the Android app, press the “Pair a Board” button, make your device visible to others, then click on the “EBOARD” device down below. The password for the receiver is either 1234 or 0000.

Payment and Shipping

PayPal is the only accepted method of payment. The controllers are individually tested for functionality before being shipped. Any conflicts will be resolved via PayPal, but your satisfaction is my priority. If you have any questions or concerns about this item, please email [email protected]!

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Here is a short video about how the controller is actually assembled from start to finish. A lot of effort was made to ensure the quality and safety of the controllers, and additional testing was done when the camera was not recording.

And here is a short video of me riding an electric longboard with a prototype controller. A lot more features were added since then.

Here is an update I did a while back on the controller project. It covers all of the prototypes of the controller, as well as the development of the app. Since then, I have made the PCB and layout more professional, and worked towards making this an actual product.

And here is a bonus video. I hacked a Wii Nunchuck controller to be compatible with my receiver, and you can do this yourself as well!

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