4.4kW High Power Switch for the VESC (w/ LED Toggle Button v1.0)

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Product Description

Wish there was an easy way to turn your VESC on and off? This simple toggle switch can be installed between your ESC and your battery, and can be used to easily turn your electric skateboard, bike, or small vehicle on and off.

This switch is anti-spark, meaning it will eliminate the sparks from standard physical connections. You can use this switch for LiPo voltages of 6s, all the way up to 12S.

The physical MOSFET array is controlled with a waterproof toggle button, which has a LED for a professional look and feel. Simply drill a 16mm hole for the button, then connect the switch between your ESC and your battery.

Since there are many different connectors, this switch does not come with any. Instead, the switch comes with 2ā€ 12 AWG semi-flexible leads. In addition to the switch and the LED toggle button, this switch also comes with some clear heat-shrink tubing to protect from short-circuits.

This is version 1.0, an upgrade over version 0.1! Changes include: smaller size, wider traces, more powerful MOSFET switches, and more compact design.


  • Max Current: 150+ amps
  • Resistance: 0.8-2.0mĪ©
  • Input voltage: 6s ā€“ 12s LiPo (20v ā€“ 55v)
  • Absolute max voltage: 55v
  • Toggle Button Hole Diameter: 16mm
  • Toggle Button Lead Length: 20cm
  • PCB Dimensions: 3.6cm x 5cm
  • High-temperature copper wiring is slightly smaller and less flexible, but conducts electricity better than the old aluminum/steel stranded wiring.
  • Four high-power MOSFETS stacked on both sides of the PCB.


Installation is easy. Simply solder the input wires to your battery (or a set of connectors which connect to your battery), and solder the output wires to your ESC. Then, connect the LED toggle button using the included connector. For soldering, the far apart red and black wires are the input, and the wires which are close together are the output.

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