New version of the VESC High Power Switch! [Back in Stock]


With the success of the first switch, I have upgraded the PCB and schematic with new changes, and released it for sale on my website here!

The profits made off the first batch allowed me to improve the design and purchase another batch for sale. The same switching concept applies, but with some changes:

  • Wider traces which allow for far more current 150amps +
  • The PCB design now equally uses the two sides to carry current
  • New high-temperature copper wiring is slightly smaller and less flexible, but conducts electricity better than the old aluminum/steel stranded wiring.)
  • And to reduce the size by 33%, the four high-power MOSFETS were stacked on both sides of the PCB.

As you can see, most of the upgrades were done to improve the rating of the switch, and to make it more suitable for really high-power applications (mountain-boards and 4WD).

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