Bluetooth Receiver: Now for Sale!


My electric skateboard Bluetooth receiver is finally for sale! I have 10 units available (well, 6 now…), and you can get them only on my website! Check out the product page here.

It took me an extremely long time to make these controllers. First, I had to wait for a multitude of random components to arrive from China. I did manage to sell my existing prototypes in the meanwhile, and I also signed up for a business PayPal account, and a Canada Post “Solutions for Small Business” account as well. By the way, if you are looking to set up an eCommerce website, I suggest using the wooecommerce plugin for wordpress. The learning curve is not as steep as Joomla or anything like that, and an overwhelming majority of features are free! (unlike WP Commerce, my previous plugin).

Secondly, I had to hand solder these controllers myself… Not only did that take a while, but I managed to screw up plenty of times. Here’s a short timelapse on how I make these controllers:

5 thoughts on “Bluetooth Receiver: Now for Sale!

    1. Hello Michael,

      Thank you for your interest in the Bluetooth Controller. As a matter of fact I do ship worldwide using air shipping!



  1. Hello Vlad,

    I’m about to buy the Bluetooth receiver – I was wondering if it is still compatible with a 2.4GHz remote (say my phone battery dies, can I use my old remote) as it has all of the functionality of the GT2B, I’d assume so.
    Secondly, I have a VESC BLDC instead of a classic ESC – Compatible as well ? (Tested?)
    Similarly, as it’s only a PPM signal there shouldn’t be any problems but I prefer to make sure.
    Lastly, I’m amazed by your tutos and work, looking forward to using your receiver!


    1. Hi Charly,

      Actually no it doesn’t. When I said that it has all of the functionality, I meant that it has the same trim and range functions as the GT2B. However, right now I am working on designing version 2.0, which is going to have a signal bypass mode for a regular GT2B remote, and it’s going to be able to relay the information from your VESC. You are right however with the VESC, this receiver produces a PPM signal, which is compattible with almost all ESCs, including the VESC. And lastly, thank you very much! I put a lot of work in my products and customer service.



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